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Explanation And Treatment Of Bleeding Hemorrhoids



 For those who suffer from hemorrhoids, the explanation and treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids is a viable concern. While the topic of hemorrhoids bleeding is not a subject brought up in normal conversations, it is one that needs to be discussed. While bleeding hemorrhoids are not usually dangerous, they are embarrassing and painful, and can scare a person who is not knowledgeable about the causes.

Bleeding HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are a painful condition that interferes in the daily activities of almost everyone at sometime in their life. It can show up in young women during pregnancy, people who have stopped being active as they once were, and those over 50 generally experience hemorrhoids on a recurring basis. According to information gathered by the Mayo Clinic, over 65% of adults over the age of 50 will suffer from hemorrhoids, and the itching, burning, pain and bleeding hemorrhoids that can present as symptoms of their condition.

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Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that lie beneath the mucous membranes inside   the rectum, or under the skin surrounding the anus. These two types of hemorrhoids known as Internal and External can be successfully treated with life style changes and home remedies, before medical treatment is sought for further treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. The bleeding results from the strain placed on the lining of the rectum and the anus when hard stools are forced from the body by over-straining during defecation.


Symptoms of Bleeding Piles

 The symptoms related to hemorrhoidal bleeding may include the following:

A. Slight spots of blood on toilet tissue or in the bowl after a bowel movement, usually painless.

B. Discomfort on sitting or standing for periods of time.

C. Feces leakage after leaving the bathroom.

D. Swelling around the anus, accompanied by itching and burning.


Causes of Hemorrhoid Bleeding

Most people will notice the onset of bleeding hemorrhoids around the same time they have a change in diet, exercise or stress that prevents them from holding to normal daily rituals.
Since all of these can lead to abnormal bowel functions, bleeding hemorrhoids can be the result. Our bodies are creatures of habit, they love timely schedules, plenty of fluids, healthy diets rich in fiber, and less stress, and daily exercise.

Sometimes all that is needed to cure bleeding hemorrhoids is a return to daily schedules filled with the right foods, water and exercise, and less time spent sitting on the toilet bowl straining.


How To Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

 You can be an active participant in your own cure to stop bleeding hemorrhoids and their prevention. Just follow a few guidelines for health and pain-free living, like the following: 

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Hemorrhoids BleedingA. As we age we tend to slow down, and get less exercise in our daily schedules. This can be alleviated by taking a brisk 20 minute walk daily, or joining an aerobics class. Exercise increases our normal bowel functions by movement of the body, and our food through the digestive tract. It also strengthens all of our muscles and that includes those in the rectum. Strong bowel functions prevent bleeding hemorrhoids by increasing the smooth movement of stools through the lower rectum. It may seem incredulous that something as simple as walking can reduce hemroids bleeding.

Bleeding PilesB. Drinking water and lots of it, softens our stools and moves food through the digestive tract at a faster rate. It also helps us lose weight and remain healthy in all aspects of our physical well being. Water works to keep the stools soft, preventing the stress on the veins in our rectum which causes bleeding hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid BleedingC. Eating diets rich in fiber, at the same time every day. Our bowels function best when they like us are on a regular schedule, when we are having regular bowel functions there is less likelihood of bleeding hemorrhoids forming. Eat a diet filled with berries, whole grains, beans, whole wheat pastas, greens, nuts and other fiber rich food items. Avoid caffeine as much as possible and eat fresh fruits daily.

Hemroids BleedingD.Schedule a time for your bowel movements and your body will become accustomed to this timeframe, and you will spend less time sitting on the toilet bowl. Sitting for a long period of time, holding your breath and straining to force your body to cooperate causes bleeding hemorrhoids. Breath naturally, sit up straight, and get off if nothing happens within a short time, return and try again later.


Treatments For Bleeding Hemorrhoids/Hemroids

 The treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids will depend on the severity of the bleeding. For small spots on the tissue or in the bowl, then using witch hazel to calm the inflamed tissue can help a great deal. There are also suppositories, and topical creams that shrink the swelling vein, and you can usually push them back inside the rectum if they have passed the anus.

For severe bleeding hemorrhoids, whether bleeding internal hemorrhoids, or bleeding external hemorrhoids, medical attention should always be sought, especially if bloody stools are being passed or if light bleeding continues for a period over a week. Blood in the lower rectum could be the result of more serious complications.

Hemorrhoidal BleedingIf the bleeding hemorrhoids are light and spotty, but continuously extruding through the anus, then medical intervention could be needed. This can run the gamut from using bands to create scar tissue which holds the veins in their natural position, to a complete Hemorrhoidectomy. It will be up to you and your physician to decide which medical procedure is best to treat your bleeding hemorrhoids.

The pain and discomfort of bleeding hemorrhoids is treatable and preventable with a little care of your body and research to discover the best treatment plan that you need.






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Hemroids Hemorrhoids Treatments



 It is estimated that 50%
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