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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Finding out that you have hemorrhoids can be a shocking and scary experience. Who wouldn’t be shocked upon seeing blood in your stool or in the toilet!

But after the reality of having hemorrhoids sinks in, and after dealing with questions like “Why me” or “What did I do wrong to have this,” most people would then ask “How long do hemorrhoids last?”

The answer to the question “How long do hemorrhoids last?” depends on several factors like the times you have had hemorrhoids, the type of hemorrhoids you have and the hemorrhoid treatment you use.

If this is your first time to get hemorrhoids, which are also called hemroids or piles, it will be easier to get rid of them compared to when you have had hemorrhoids in the past. Your first bout of hemorrhoids usually last for just a couple of days. The next time you have them will probably take a longer time than the first time. And then the problem becomes chronic that instead of counting the days when the hemorrhoid is gone, you will be counting the days when you do not experience pain!

The type of hemorrhoid you have will also determine how long the hemorrhoid will last. Internal and external hemorrhoids in their early stages can last for about a week while internal hemorrhoids that have prolapsed or protruded from the anus will take longer to heal. External hemorrhoids that have thrombosed, or those that have blood clots, will also take longer, about two months, to heal.

How To Get Rid Of A Hemorrhoid?

There are many treatments available for hemorrhoids and the kind of treatment you choose can also determine the length of time it will take for you to get rid of the hemroid. If you make treatment a priority, then your hemorrhoids will be gone in 7 to 10 days, especially those that are in the early stages. The more severe ones are different because some would require surgical or non-surgical treatments.

You can actually do a lot to answer the question “How long do hemorrhoids last?” Treatment for hemorrhoids start at home and when you do things properly, your problem will be gone in no time. Here are things you can to do help you get rid of hemorrhoids fast:

  • Keep the affected area clean. Hemorrhoids last longer if these get irritated so it is best to keep it clean to make it go away faster. Make sure to wash the affected area properly after bowel movements. Use soaps or cleansers that are mild then pat dry with a soft towel after rinsing off.

  • Do not rub the affected area. For those who do not want to use water when cleaning up after a bowel movement, you can use moistened toilet paper or medicated wet tissues or wipes.

  • Take sitz baths. Sitz baths are a tradition in Europe for the relief of pain in the abdomen. It is also perfect to get rid of external hemroids. To prepare a sitz bath, just fill a tub or basin with warm water that is enough to cover your abdomen when you sit in it. Some people add essential oils like Witch Hazel to hasten the effects. You can take sitz baths several times a day. Just make sure that the water is just warm enough or you will scald yourself.

  • Ice packs or cold compresses can also help you get rid of hemroids. Apply an ice pack or cold compress on the affected area and this can help relieve the swelling, as well as the pain. You can apply ice packs as often as you want and it is also effective when alternated with sitz baths or warm compresses.

  • Over the counter medication, in the form of creams, gels and suppositories are also a great help in getting rid of hemroids. These medications can help relieve the pain, swelling and itching that are associated with hemorrhoids.

  • There are also a lot of oral anti-inflammatory medications that can help with the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids. These are available over the counter.

How To Get Rid Of An External Hemorrhoid

How long do hemorrhoids last? How do you get rid of hemorrhoids? How do you shrink hemorrhoids? And can you get rid of external hemorrhoids too? The answers, mostly, are up to you and your hemorrhoid problems can be solved if you do something about them right away.







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