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Preparation H CreamPreparation H Cream

Unlike other medicines that are used for several ailments, Preparation H Cream only has one goal;
The Treatment of Hemorrhoidal Symptoms.



 It should always be used as directed for relief from the itching,
 burning pain and irritation that comes with hemorrhoids.

Developed by George Sperti an inventor and cancer researcher, in 1935; who by the way, also gave us Aspercreme and enhanced Vitamin D milk. He was working on cancer research when he developed a derivative that stimulates cell growth, named it Bio-Dynes and then changed it to Preparation H.


If you suffer from Hemorrhoids we highly recommend this effective T op Rated  Natural Remedy 

What Is Preparation H?

 Preparation H Cream is an OTC medication used as a topical cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids or piles, as they are sometimes called. It acts as a vasoconstrictor when used as a topical antiseptic with skin protectors; blocking the pain receptors from receiving signals, it works to shrink swollen hemorrhoids and eases the discomfort of their symptoms. Preparation H Cream is for external use only.


Preparation H Active Ingredients

In order to work on hemorrhoids as well as it does, Preparation H Cream needs to have the perfect blend of chemical Active Ingredients; which it does. It contains the following Active Ingredients:

1.Protectant White Petroleum - 15%

2.Protectant Glycerin - 14.4%

3.Vasoconstrictor Phenylephrine HCI - 0.25%

4.Local Anesthetic Pramoxine HCI - 1% (Anything over 1% must be prescribed by a doctor)


Preparation H Side Effects

Every medication ever invented has side effects of one degree or another. Preparation H products do not have any common side effects, and there have been no reported common side effects from people who use Preparation H Cream. As always, you should report any adverse side effects to your physician and seek medical attention if they occur.


Preparation H Gel

The developers of Preparation H formulas have developed more than one product for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Among them is Preparation H Gel, which contains some of the same Active Ingredients as Preparation H Cream in a Gel form, this does help it to stay in place better, as it dissolves and is absorbed. It also contains Aloe and Vitamin E, and is not sticky nor does it stain or have a scent. For use on external hemorrhoids only. Active Ingredients are:

Astringent Witch Hazel - 50.0%

Vasoconstrictor Phenylephrine HCI - 0.25%


Preparation H Ointment

Unlike Preparation H Cream, or Preparation H Gel, Preparation H Ointment can be used internally on the rectal canal for Internal hemorrhoid treatment. It comes with an applicator commonly termed a Piles Pipe. It works to coat the hemorrhoids with the ointment and the rectal canal as well, making bowel movements easier. It contains the following Active Ingredients:

Protectant Mineral Oil - 14%

Protectant Petroleum - 71.9%

Protectant Shark Liver Oil - 3.0%

Vasoconstrictor Phenylephrine HCI - 0.25%


Preparation H Suppositories

When Preparation H Cream is not enough relief, Preparation H Suppositories should do the trick. Inserted into the rectal canal they work to accomplish the same task as Preparation H formulas, but do it more quickly. Physicians have known for centuries that the best way to introduce medicine in to the body for quick action has been through the rectal canal. The Active Ingredients are:

Protectant Cocoa Butter - 85.39%

Protectant Shark Liver Oil 3.0%

Vasoconstrictor Phenylephrine HCI - 0.25%


Preparation H Wipes

Preparation H WipesUsing Preparation H Cream in conjunction with Preparation H Wipes doubles your relief and your cleanliness and comfort.

When you suffer from hemorrhoids the task of wiping after a bowel movement can be extremely painful, with these wipes the pain is addressed with soothing moisture, and in the case of Medicated Wipes even more medication. Preparation H formulas works to soothe the irritated tissues, and the wipes work to ensure the area is kept clean to reduce any dried matter from adding to the irritation. Active Ingredients include;

Astringent Witch Hazel - 50.0%


How does Preparation H Cream Compare to Other Brands

With sales generated by Preparation H Cream remaining in the top 2% for hemorrhoid treatments, for over 75 years, the comparison level is slim. Of course there are always alternatives to synthetic medications like Preparation H formulas, herbal remedies and natural treatments can perform the same and give positive results in the same amount of time.



Preparation H Cream Versus Preparation H Ointment?

The body absorbs ointments and creams at a different rate, therefore, using Preparation H Cream does not work as quickly as Preparation H Ointment.

Due to the water based formula used for Preparation H Cream it goes on easier, and as the water dissipates, it leaves behind the active ingredients in a thin layer over the area. The protectant bases used in Preparation H also protect the delicate skin around the anal area from over-exposure to the vasoconstrictor in its formula.

Preparation H Ointment is petroleum based and leaves behind a greasy feeling. It works quite well, yet the mess is not always easy to deal with in public arenas. Preparation H formula products contains a high level of anesthetic which works to relive the pain almost immediately. That alone makes it worthwhile as a choice for hemorrhoid relief.

For those who suffer from hemorrhoids, Preparation H Cream and the other Preparation products offer relief of the symptoms, and give the body the time it needs to heal naturally from hemorrhoid flare-ups. Choosing to use Preparation H Cream as your home treatment for hemorrhoids can allow you to regain lost momentum in daily activities, and sleep well, free from pain.




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Hemroids Hemorrhoids Treatments



 It is estimated that 50%
of the population will at some point suffer from Hemorrhoids